[ACCEPTED] AlphaMeow's Application

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[ACCEPTED] AlphaMeow's Application

Post by AlphaMeow on Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:41 pm

Heavy Urban Response Team - Membership Application

Real Name (Optional): Vincent

Applicable Character Name: AlphaMeow

Age, Be Honest (Minimum 16): 17

Country: United States

Is English a first language for you? (Y/N): Yes

Rank & Threat Level: 239 Gold

How long have you been playing APB?: Since the closed beta for Real Time Worlds' All Points Bulletin.

Do you currently have a WORKING microphone? (REQUIRED): I have a working microphone and a back-up unopened in case this one breaks.

Are you willing to use and download our voice-chat program Teamspeak? (REQUIRED): Already have it!

How frequently do you play APB?: On a daily basis, if not everyday at least 5 days out of the week.

Did somebody refer you to HURT?  If not, how did you find out about us?: Piggle

Have you reviewed, and willing to agree to the list of rules and requirements? (Consider this a binding contract with the clan): Yes. I have reviewed the rules and requirements and have no objections to them.

Anything else you'd like to share?  (Interesting facts about yourself, other games you play frequently, etc.): I play tons of different games of different genres. On July 29th I'll be leaving for Basic Training for the US Army and will be later going to AIT for my training as a 68W (Healthcare Specialist). Hoping to meet some new people, get some new friends, and enjoy the free time I still have before I leave.

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