[ACCEPTED] DJMillah's Application

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[ACCEPTED] DJMillah's Application Empty [ACCEPTED] DJMillah's Application

Post by DJMillah on Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:07 pm

Heavy Urban Response Team - Membership Application

Applicable Character Name:DJMillah

Age, Be Honest (Minimum 16):25


Is English a first language for you? (Y/N):Y

Rank & Threat Level:New on ENF Rank 201 on Crim (HarleenFQuinzel) Bounce from Silver to gold constantly

How long have you been playing APB?:almost 2 years

Do you currently have a WORKING microphone? (REQUIRED):Yes

Are you willing to download our voice-chat program Teamspeak? (REQUIRED):yes

How frequently do you play APB?:depends on whats going on and weather or not APB wants to not lag for me

Did somebody refer you to HURT?  If not, how did you find out about us?:Not really. I am in Evocati

Have you reviewed, and willing to agree to the list of rules and requirements? (Consider this a binding contract with the clan):Yes

Anything else you'd like to share?  (Interesting facts about yourself, other games you play frequently, etc.):I am in Evocati. I play lots of different games from Rust, Robocraft, you name it i might play it. Lately i have been playing a lot of Single Player games.

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[ACCEPTED] DJMillah's Application Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] DJMillah's Application

Post by Hambosauce on Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:16 pm

Great application. Contact Hambosauce, Nyxx, Vyrral, Ordelia, CountessLoli, Meiglos or Koshkaa for an in-game evaluation.

[ACCEPTED] DJMillah's Application TkMiY
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