[ACCEPTED]HawksLead's Application

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[ACCEPTED]HawksLead's Application

Post by HawksLead on Tue Jan 28, 2014 9:48 pm

Heavy Urban Response Team - Membership Application

Applicable Character Name:

Age, Be Honest (Minimum 16):
Is English a first language for you? (Y/N):
English is my first Language.
Rank & Threat Level:
56 Silver
How long have you been playing APB?:
Off and on since 2011.
Do you currently have a WORKING microphone? (REQUIRED):
Are you willing to download our voice-chat program Teamspeak? (REQUIRED):
Already have it.
How frequently do you play APB?:
about 10-20 Hours a Week
Did somebody refer you to HURT?  If not, how did you find out about us?:
No, but saw some members ingame. Was looking for a good clan to join. After my old group of friends stopped playing APB, I wanted to run with an organized group again.
Have you reviewed, and willing to agree to the list of rules and requirements? (Consider this a binding contract with the clan):
Read, and agree to all rules and reqs.
Anything else you'd like to share?  (Interesting facts about yourself, other games you play frequently, etc.):
The character I am applying with is my 2nd Enf toon. My original one is on the US West Server. When I read your mission statement, I knew that I had found a good group. I like to play in Mature, Fun, and Organized groups. I play Skyrim, ArmA III, Planetside 2, and obviously APB. I hope you will consider me as a potential member, if not, best of luck to you in San Paro.

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Re: [ACCEPTED]HawksLead's Application

Post by Hambosauce on Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:03 pm

Good application. Please contact Hambosauce, Vyrral, Ordelia, Nyxx, Countessloli, Meiglos or Koshkaa for an in-game evaluation.

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